woman using laptop computer with vr headset

Major Cypriot Bank Introduces Specialised Unit Solely Devoted to Technology Companies

Recently, one of the major Cypriot banks announced that they have created a specialised unit solely devoted to serve technology companies.

According to the statement of the Bank; “this initiative aims to facilitate the effective and deep understanding of technology companies’ business needs as well as offering them a better service and support. The new technology hub unit will be under the bank’s International Business Unit (IBU) and will manage technology, telecommunications and ICT companies.”

There is an upward trend in Cyprus whereby during the recent years a considerable amount of technology companies, which some of them are major in their filed, have chosen to relocate to Cyprus.

Such initiatives introduced by the banks and private sector as well as recent incentives introduced by the Cyprus Government boosts the further development of the sector in Cyprus and are always welcomed.

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