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Grants and Incentives for Research and Innovation Development: “Ideas Powered for Business” in Force Again

Providing more incentives to small and medium-sized enterprises is now a fact as the “Ideas Powered for Business” program comes into force again from 10/1/2022 to 16/12/2022.

The European Union significantly supports the development of business innovation and research, giving grants of up to 90% of intellectual property fees reaching up to € 2,250. The main pillars of this program are the protection of trademarks and other intellectual property rights, including industrial designs and patents, the protection of their intangible assets from unfair competition or misappropriation, and paving the way for businesses to secure their intellectual property rights.

The grant will be made in the form of coupons as follows:

Coupon no.1: Grant fees for trademarks and industrial designs with a maximum grant amount of €1,500. This amount includes the IP Scan grant with a maximum grant amount of € 900.

Coupon no.2: Patent fee grant with a maximum grant amount of € 750.

In conclusion, the above incentives will help medium-sized enterprises to receive a significant grant to protect their Intellectual Property Rights and trademarks. Our office can guide you through all the details of the above plans and of course perform all the relevant legal services for the registration and protection of the Intellectual Property Rights and trademarks of your business.

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