Religious marriage

Mandatory Conciliation Application for Dissolution of Religious Marriages in Cyprus Goes Electronic

The Orthodox Church of Cyprus announced that starting from 1st May 2023, a mandatory conciliation application for the dissolution of religious marriages in Cyprus will only be accepted electronically through the website .

From 1st May 2023 and onwards any application that is not made electronically will not be accepted.

Upon submission of the notification electronically, all interested parties will instantly receive a message and email notifying them of the application filing and a confirmation required for the court proceedings. Then the parties will receive an invitation to attend a session for a conciliation. If the conciliation is unsuccessful, a relevant certificate will be issued to be filed with the Family Court for a divorce proceeding.

With this amendment, the post-notification waiting period is decreased from 3 months to 6 weeks in order for parties to initiate proceedings at the Family Courts for divorce, which makes the notification process easier and faster.

Prior to these amendments, we have often heard criticisms from our clients that the conciliation period was too long. We understand however that the ultimate purpose of the conciliation period is to actually enable a last attempt at reconciliation.

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