We offer debt collection services to clients from Cyprus and abroad in recovery of their debts in Cyprus. With a broad understanding of the legal process, and with a systematic and efficient approach to debt collection we are well equipped to pursue any debt on behalf of our clients.

We have a client-centric culture, we try to avoid lengthy procedures such as litigation wherever possible. Our aim is to provide a time efficient and cost effective debt collection service to our clients with a result oriented approach.

Our Debt Recovery Services include;

Pre –Court procedures

  • Preparation and sending of official notifications and claim letters to the debtor
  • Follow up calls
  • Negotiation for settlement of debt with the debtor. Certain debtors are willing to negotiate to settle their debt to avoid court proceedings.

Debt Litigation

If the negotiation with the debtor is unsuccessful we will initiate Court proceedings.

Prior to initiating Court proceedings we will assess the feasibility of collecting the debt and advice our clients on the chances of recovery.

Assistance on the Enforcement of a Final Judgement

Debtors often refuse to pay even if there is a final Judgement issued by the Court for the settlement of the debt against them. In such cases we can assist for the collection of the debt by using the following procedures;

  • Issuance of writ of movables
  • Issuance of writ of immovable
  • Issuance of writ of delivery
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Garnishee proceedings